Getting Started with CloudMe Sync

Congratulations on downloading and installing CloudMe Sync. You now have the Blue Folder on your computer which hotsyncs with the Blue Folder in your CloudMe account. In fact, you can get the Blue Folder on all your computers by just downloading and installing CloudMe Sync on them all!

The Blue Folder is magical

Any file you place in there will instantaneously be available everywhere – ie. in all your Blue Folders. That is what we mean by hotsync!

With the Blue Folder, it’s possible to move from computer to phone to tablet and still always have the latest version of a file with you. Why not use the Blue Folder for all your active files?

But wait, there’s much, much more to CloudMe Sync

The Blue Folder is just one of many sync folders you can have. You can set up as many sync folders as you like. You can create other hotsync folders that sync instantaneously just like the Blue Folder or maybe you prefer a bi-directional sync folder that syncs on a schedule you choose instead. Maybe you just want to sync one-way? Then creating an Upload or a Download sync folder would be the way to go.

That’s the beauty of CloudMe Sync! You can create as many sync folders as you wish. You can choose the direction of the sync and the sync schedule.

To recap

CloudMe Sync offers the pre-installed Blue Folder that hotsyncs and the opportunity to create as many customizable sync folders as you wish. There are 4 different types of customizable sync folders (Upload, Download, Bidirectional and Hotsync). Within CloudMe Sync, just click on the cogwheel to come to the Settings page. There you can set the schedule that applies for the first three types of sync folders.

Getting started with CloudMe is as easy as 1,2,3
1. Download and install CloudMe Sync
2. Use the Blue Folder to keep all your active files in
3. Create a new sync folder* -(Great way to back up your photos and music or why not your entire computer?)
*Don’t forget to set the scheduler for scheduled sync folders (Upload, Download, Bidirectional)

Looking for help to create a new sync folder?

Then read our advanced help or check back here next week where I’ll be posting specific examples of practical applications of CloudMe with accompanying tutorials. Please feel free to leave a comment here and let us know how you use CloudMe Sync in your daily life!

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