Connecting to CloudMe is as easy as 1,2,3!

Looking to connect to CloudMe? Wish you could treat CloudMe as an additional drive on your computer? Then here’s a quick tutorial to help you connect to CloudMe so you can drag-n-drop files/folders in and out of your CloudMe account.

Connecting to CloudMe is as easy as 123!

For Mac users:

  1. Open your Mac Finder. From the “Go” menu, select “Connect to Server…”
  2. In the “Server Address” field, enter (insert your CloudMe username for “username” and use lowercase letters)
  3. Type in your CloudMe username (in lowercase) and password. Be sure “Registered User” is selected and click “Connect”

For Windows users:

We recommend downloading the free version of NetDrive to connect to CloudMe.

Here’s how you configure NetDrive to connect to CloudMe:

  1. Click New Site (bottom left button) and Site Name = CloudMe
  2. Site IP or URL = (in lowercase)
  3. Server Type = WebDAV and Drive = Z (or any other)
  4. Account = Your CloudMe account username (in lowercase)
  5. Password = Your CloudMe account password
  6. Check the box – Automatic login and then click “Connect”

If you have any problems or questions, please feel to post them in the comments here or email us at


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  1. Mounting drive F: failed
    Server authentication failed

  2. Monica Svenmarck

    Hi Luis,

    I’d be happy to help you connect to CloudMe. Please send me a screenshot of your setup (like one of the screenshots above) to

    We’ll have you connected in no time!

    Kind Regards,

  3. I’ve got a similar error here:

    Mounting drive N: failed
    Operation failed.

  4. Monica Svenmarck

    Hi Håkan,

    Are you trying to connect on a Mac or a Windows operating system?

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