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CloudMe Sync Part 1- Upload Sync

Looking for customized syncing above and beyond our preset Blue Folder? Then CloudMe Sync is for you! Let’s start by exploring the first type of sync offered by CloudMe – Upload sync.

Use Upload sync for an easy upload of your files as well as for scheduled automatic daily backups. With Upload sync, your files will only be synced one way –up to your CloudMe account.

Examples of Upload Sync folders

  1. Pictures– Ensure that all your pictures are synced daily to the cloud
  2. Music – Easily upload your music so you can listen to it anywhere
  3. Computer backup – Schedule a daily backup of your computer files for peace of mind

Tutorial –How to create a new Upload sync folder.

The following instructions will help you setup an Upload sync folder for your pictures.  That way every time new pictures are saved to your computer, they’ll be backed up daily to your CloudMe account. Access, view and share them while on the go from our iPhone/Android app or log in to our web access from any computer or device.

Now, just open your CloudMe Sync application and we’ll get started!

3 Easy Steps to Create a new Upload sync folder – Ex. Pictures*

1. Add a sync folder

 a. Click “Add a sync folder”

 b. Under the Cloud Drive tab – double click to open the “Documents” folder and select “Pictures”

     c. Under the Local folders tab – select your “Pictures” folder from your local computer and click “OK”
2. Change Sync type

     a. Select the “Picture” sync folder you just created

b. Under “Sync type”, select “Upload” (Note: The default sync type for new sync folders is Bidirectional. The double  arrows on the sync folder will change to a single upward arrow once you select “Upload”)

     c. Exit this window

3. Set Scheduler

     a. Click on the cogwheel (Settings) icon

     b. Under “Scheduler”, check the box “Use scheduler”

     c. Choose daily or weekly then click “OK”

*Repeat this process for every folder on your computer, such as Music and Documents, that you’d like to backup daily by creating their own Upload sync folder.

Create as many Upload sync folders as you wish!

Take a load off your mind. Safeguard your pictures, music, documents –heck, your entire laptop’s files from loss, theft or damage by setting an automatic daily backup for them.  With CloudMe Sync, just set it and forget it!


Congrats to our winners!

Thank you for starting off your New Year by sharing so many beautiful pictures with us! What a great selection of photos. They ranged from celebrations with family and friends to amazing sceneries. Your photos managed to brighten our day and bring a smile to the face of each one of us who work here at CloudMe. Thank you for sharing them with us and congratulations to the winners with the following usernames!

jillian, neo2604fr, maguzmanl, karatekid, tills, maitai, xuggs, cloudgazer, xsak, waynes, idjmic, mrj, nakameguhiroo, bill.dart, karenann, tweetybird, box3, lksyo, it2u, bwatjs

All of the above winners were randomly chosen. Each winner receives a one year upgrade to 100GB. Check your inbox for details of how to claim your prize!

Since the New Year brings new possibilities, keep your eye on CloudMe. We promise to continue to deliver new improvements to our service. Just you wait. We’re going to knock your socks off in 2012!


Happy New Year! – Win a 100 GB Upgrade

We’d like to make your New Year even happier by giving away a one year, 100 GB subscription upgrade to 20 lucky people who enter our Photo Contest.  The rules are pretty simple.  Just share a link to a picture you have stored on CloudMe with us! Why not share a picture from your New Year’s celebration?

Hurry and share a picture with us today! The deadline to enter the Photo Contest is this Sunday, January 8th and the winners will subsequently be randomly selected. It costs nothing to enter. Sign up for a free, 3 GB CloudMe account now. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. No inappropriate, indecent or obscene photographs may be submitted.

How to Share a picture stored on CloudMe.

From your smartphone/tablet:

CloudMe iPhone App

  • Within the app, select and tap on the picture you wish to share
  • Tap the Share button located in upper right corner
  • Choose settings
  • Tap the Share button located in upper right corner
  • Select “Share via Mail” and send it to

CloudMe Android app

  • Within the app, select and long click on the picture you wish to share
  • Select “Share File”
  • Choose settings
  • Tap the Share button
  • Email to

From your computer:

  • Log in to
  • Check the box in front of the picture you wish to share
  • Click on the Share button and select “Mail”
  • Mail the photo to

Good luck to you all! Can’t wait to see the photos you share with us :-)