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Automatically download Favorites as well as the latest additions

The Holiday season has begun and with it comes loads of WebShares consisting of photos and videos from loved ones.  Most of them you will end up favoriting by pressing “Add to Favorites” on the WebShare.  However, a few will be extra special and you’ll end up downloading a copy of those photos and videos to your computer.  But what is even better is that you can download the current files and automatically continue to download any additional files added to that Favorited WebShare in the future.  All you need to do is use CloudMe Sync. Just create a new Download Sync folder.

Using CloudMe Sync to create a Download Sync folder

  1. Download and install CloudMe Sync from
  2. Log in to CloudMe Sync and click on “Add a sync folder”
  3. Under the Local Folders tab, select a current local folder to download to or create a new folder
  4. Under the CloudMe folder tab, double-click on Favorites and select a Favorite folder to download and then click “OK”

Done! You’ve just created a download sync folder for the Favorited WebShare you wish to have a copy of on your computer.

To make sure that all the latest additions to that Favorited WebShare are downloaded to you regularly, make sure to go into Application Settings(the cogwheel icon) and set the Scheduler to daily or weekly.

So remember!  Once you’ve set up your Download sync folder, every time new photos, video, music, etc  are added to the WebShare you’ve Favorited, you’ll automatically have a copy on your computer.  What a great way to keep those memories forever and always have an up-to-date copy of the latest additions!

Get your photos seen! Get your music heard!

CloudMe Sharing

Looking to get your photos seen and your music heard? With CloudMe, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! Share your photos and music to Facebook, Twitter, Google + or share a link via email.

Share a single photo or file

1. Log in to

2. Select your photo

3. Click on a Share icon in the highlighted box to the right – Share to FB, Twitter, Google +, Mail

Share Photo from CloudMe

Share Photo from CloudMe

Share multiple photos or files

1. Log in to

2. Check the box, Multiple Select, and then select your photos

3. Click on a Share icon in the highlighted box to the right – Share to FB, Twitter, Google +, Mail


Share Multiple Photos or Files

Share Multiple Photos or Files

Share a folder

1. Log in to

2. Open/Double click the folder you wish to share

3. Click on one of the Share icons located beside the words,”Share this folder:” to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Mail


Share Folder

Share Folder

Have fun sharing your photos and music with friends and family today!