Stream music everywhere with CloudMe’s expanded music service!

CloudMe is pleased to announce its updated streaming music service.

“Music storage has always been an integral part of our service’s offerings, but now we can even offer the possibility to build and save playlists directly from telephones as well as tablets and computers”, says Mathias Ericsson, CEO of CloudMe.

How do you currently listen to music?  Do you listen to music stored on your computer, iPod or the like? Or do you have a membership to a streaming music service like Spotify or Wimp?  Either way, you are locked into a device or a membership.  You must choose between listening to music you own or music you rent. Many have chosen memberships over their own extensively built-up music collection.  Unfortunately, once you cancel your membership with a streaming music service like Spotify, you have nothing left to show for the monthly fees you were charged. You don’t own any of the music you paid to listened to.

CloudMe’s newly updated music service offers the ability to stream your own music everywhere.  With CloudMe, music playlists can easily be built, saved and listened to from your phone, tablet or computer. Enjoy listening to playlists built from your entire music collection, both the music that you made as well as that which was paid. CloudMe supports several audio formats which may vary based on browser and device.

CloudMe supported audio formats – mp3, m4a, ogg, wav and m3u playlists

Be spontaneous. Be the life of the party. Make your playlists on the spot with the CloudMe iPhone/Android app or bring them with you. Either way, you’ll rock the holidays!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!
The CloudMe Team

Automatically download Favorites as well as the latest additions

The Holiday season has begun and with it comes loads of WebShares consisting of photos and videos from loved ones.  Most of them you will end up favoriting by pressing “Add to Favorites” on the WebShare.  However, a few will be extra special and you’ll end up downloading a copy of those photos and videos to your computer.  But what is even better is that you can download the current files and automatically continue to download any additional files added to that Favorited WebShare in the future.  All you need to do is use CloudMe Sync. Just create a new Download Sync folder.

Using CloudMe Sync to create a Download Sync folder

  1. Download and install CloudMe Sync from
  2. Log in to CloudMe Sync and click on “Add a sync folder”
  3. Under the Local Folders tab, select a current local folder to download to or create a new folder
  4. Under the CloudMe folder tab, double-click on Favorites and select a Favorite folder to download and then click “OK”

Done! You’ve just created a download sync folder for the Favorited WebShare you wish to have a copy of on your computer.

To make sure that all the latest additions to that Favorited WebShare are downloaded to you regularly, make sure to go into Application Settings(the cogwheel icon) and set the Scheduler to daily or weekly.

So remember!  Once you’ve set up your Download sync folder, every time new photos, video, music, etc  are added to the WebShare you’ve Favorited, you’ll automatically have a copy on your computer.  What a great way to keep those memories forever and always have an up-to-date copy of the latest additions!

Complete access to CloudMe now available via WebDAV

Your entire CloudMe account is now accessible via WebDAV – a solution that allows you to mount CloudMe as a network drive on your computer. When connecting to CloudMe via WebDAV you’ll notice that in addition to the xios folder, the equivalent of Cloud Drive, that contains all your photos, music, videos and documents, there are now two additional read-only folders that give you access to your WebShares and Favorites.

For our Windows users, we recommend using the free solution from NetDrive, as seen in the image below. For our Mac and Linux users, your operating systems provide built in support.

Combine our recently added drag-n-drop feature with the xios WebDAV folder and now you have an extremely convenient way to effortlessly upload and download all your files and folders to and from your CloudMe account from your desktop. Remember, connecting to CloudMe is as easy as 1,2,3!

CloudMe Crowned 2012 Bully Award Winner

White Bull AwardWe have the pleasure of yet again accepting an award on behalf of you our loyal users!  CloudMe is a 2012 Bully Award Winner.  This award was presented by White Bull Summits to honor Europe’s leading technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies.

“The 2012 Bully Award winners were selected for innovation and excellence in the TMT sector.  They are leaders in their field, with meaningful business propositions and market strategies, driven by a rich understanding of customer needs and technological solutions,” stated Farley Duvall, Chairman and founder of White Bull Summits.

Wow! This marks the third time this year that CloudMe has been acknowledged as a leader in the TMT sector.  Earlier this year, CloudMe received the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award and the Always On Global 250 Top Private Company Award.  Honored as we are to be on the receiving end of these awards, we realize that there continues to be room for improvement.  We’ve made great strides this year in implementing some amazing features you’ve requested.  Let’s keep the momentum going.  Your feedback is invaluable so keep it coming! Drop us a line in the comments below.

Drag-n-drop to CloudMe

You asked for a simple and easy way to upload to CloudMe so here it is.  Drag-n-drop is our answer.

You can now simply and quickly drag-n-drop any file or folder from your desktop to CloudMe’s Web Access,, for a quick upload. Done!

Not only that, you can use drag-n-drop from within your account on our Web Access as well. Drag a file and drop it onto a folder to move files around while logged into the Web Access.

Go ahead and give it a try. Drag-n-drop a file to CloudMe now!

CloudMe Sync Part 1- Upload Sync

Looking for customized syncing above and beyond our preset Blue Folder? Then CloudMe Sync is for you! Let’s start by exploring the first type of sync offered by CloudMe – Upload sync.

Use Upload sync for an easy upload of your files as well as for scheduled automatic daily backups. With Upload sync, your files will only be synced one way –up to your CloudMe account.

Examples of Upload Sync folders

  1. Pictures– Ensure that all your pictures are synced daily to the cloud
  2. Music – Easily upload your music so you can listen to it anywhere
  3. Computer backup – Schedule a daily backup of your computer files for peace of mind

Tutorial –How to create a new Upload sync folder.

The following instructions will help you setup an Upload sync folder for your pictures.  That way every time new pictures are saved to your computer, they’ll be backed up daily to your CloudMe account. Access, view and share them while on the go from our iPhone/Android app or log in to our web access from any computer or device.

Now, just open your CloudMe Sync application and we’ll get started!

3 Easy Steps to Create a new Upload sync folder – Ex. Pictures*

1. Add a sync folder

 a. Click “Add a sync folder”

 b. Under the Cloud Drive tab – double click to open the “Documents” folder and select “Pictures”

     c. Under the Local folders tab – select your “Pictures” folder from your local computer and click “OK”
2. Change Sync type

     a. Select the “Picture” sync folder you just created

b. Under “Sync type”, select “Upload” (Note: The default sync type for new sync folders is Bidirectional. The double  arrows on the sync folder will change to a single upward arrow once you select “Upload”)

     c. Exit this window

3. Set Scheduler

     a. Click on the cogwheel (Settings) icon

     b. Under “Scheduler”, check the box “Use scheduler”

     c. Choose daily or weekly then click “OK”

*Repeat this process for every folder on your computer, such as Music and Documents, that you’d like to backup daily by creating their own Upload sync folder.

Create as many Upload sync folders as you wish!

Take a load off your mind. Safeguard your pictures, music, documents –heck, your entire laptop’s files from loss, theft or damage by setting an automatic daily backup for them.  With CloudMe Sync, just set it and forget it!


Getting Started with CloudMe Sync

Congratulations on downloading and installing CloudMe Sync. You now have the Blue Folder on your computer which hotsyncs with the Blue Folder in your CloudMe account. In fact, you can get the Blue Folder on all your computers by just downloading and installing CloudMe Sync on them all!

The Blue Folder is magical

Any file you place in there will instantaneously be available everywhere – ie. in all your Blue Folders. That is what we mean by hotsync!

With the Blue Folder, it’s possible to move from computer to phone to tablet and still always have the latest version of a file with you. Why not use the Blue Folder for all your active files?

But wait, there’s much, much more to CloudMe Sync

The Blue Folder is just one of many sync folders you can have. You can set up as many sync folders as you like. You can create other hotsync folders that sync instantaneously just like the Blue Folder or maybe you prefer a bi-directional sync folder that syncs on a schedule you choose instead. Maybe you just want to sync one-way? Then creating an Upload or a Download sync folder would be the way to go.

That’s the beauty of CloudMe Sync! You can create as many sync folders as you wish. You can choose the direction of the sync and the sync schedule.

To recap

CloudMe Sync offers the pre-installed Blue Folder that hotsyncs and the opportunity to create as many customizable sync folders as you wish. There are 4 different types of customizable sync folders (Upload, Download, Bidirectional and Hotsync). Within CloudMe Sync, just click on the cogwheel to come to the Settings page. There you can set the schedule that applies for the first three types of sync folders.

Getting started with CloudMe is as easy as 1,2,3
1. Download and install CloudMe Sync
2. Use the Blue Folder to keep all your active files in
3. Create a new sync folder* -(Great way to back up your photos and music or why not your entire computer?)
*Don’t forget to set the scheduler for scheduled sync folders (Upload, Download, Bidirectional)

Looking for help to create a new sync folder?

Then read our advanced help or check back here next week where I’ll be posting specific examples of practical applications of CloudMe with accompanying tutorials. Please feel free to leave a comment here and let us know how you use CloudMe Sync in your daily life!

CloudMe and Mountain Lion

CloudMe has added support for OS X Mountain Lion to our upcoming release of the CloudMe Sync application. In the meanwhile, it is completely safe to use CloudMe Sync by pressing OK when the below warning dialog appears.

“There was a problem connecting to the server. URLs with the type “nwnode” are not supported.”

CloudMe is also in the process of adding support for our Mountain Lion WebDAV users. In the meanwhile, we recommend downloading a stand-alone WebDAV client. One such stand-alone client is Transmit. Here is a screenshot to help with configuration. (Please insert your unique username and make sure to enter it in lowercase)


The Blue Folder? It’s here!

You have probably already heard about it. We have taken the next step in our development on the way to become the most wanted cloud storage service out there. You have told us that you appreciate all the possible ways to adapt CloudMe to your specific needs. At the same time you are all looking for simplicity in your everyday use.

Now finally, you can have both!

By downloading CloudMe to your computer you will automatically get a Blue Folder on all your connected devices. And just by putting your files in the Blue Folder, they are accessible from everywhere! Can it be any easier?

But wait, there is more.

For those of you who want to be able to set up your own preferences, the new release doesn´t end with the Blue Folder. It´s just the start. By enabling you to choose which folders to sync, and how to sync them you will have endless possibilities to personalize CloudMe to meet your specific needs.

If you are already using Easy Upload you will find that the new CloudMe download keeps all your settings and implements them in to the new version. Now all you have to do is to download CloudMe from here to your computer.