The Forecast for 2012: It’s getting cloudy… And we love it!

You know that great feeling of being on the right track? We at CloudMe are having that feeling right here and right now. And we owe it all to you! By choosing to use our service to share your memories and experiences with friends and family you are not only giving us your recognition, you are also being a part of the greatest internet trend there is, Cloud Computing.

We love it when you share with us your ideas for improvement of our CloudMe service. As a company in the forefront of technology we are constantly looking for influences from everywhere we can find it. That is also why we will be closely monitoring many of the most important exhibitions and seminars in 2012.

If you are interested we would really like to invite you in to all of this. All you have to do is keep coming back to this blog and we will give you all the latest geek talk and user oriented stuff.  Still we can not cover everything. So if you think that there is something we have missed or should look in to. Please just let us know.

After all, we are in this together.


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