Congrats to our winners!

Thank you for starting off your New Year by sharing so many beautiful pictures with us! What a great selection of photos. They ranged from celebrations with family and friends to amazing sceneries. Your photos managed to brighten our day and bring a smile to the face of each one of us who work here at CloudMe. Thank you for sharing them with us and congratulations to the winners with the following usernames!

jillian, neo2604fr, maguzmanl, karatekid, tills, maitai, xuggs, cloudgazer, xsak, waynes, idjmic, mrj, nakameguhiroo, bill.dart, karenann, tweetybird, box3, lksyo, it2u, bwatjs

All of the above winners were randomly chosen. Each winner receives a one year upgrade to 100GB. Check your inbox for details of how to claim your prize!

Since the New Year brings new possibilities, keep your eye on CloudMe. We promise to continue to deliver new improvements to our service. Just you wait. We’re going to knock your socks off in 2012!


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