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Wuala users, Welcome to CloudMe

CloudMe is welcoming all Wuala users to our European service based out of Sweden. Your data will be protected by strong European and Swedish data protection and privacy laws and CloudMe is one of the finest and most extensive cloud sync / storage services. To get you all started we provide you with a 1 year 30% discount for any of our premium accounts that has been subscribed for before September 30th 2015. Please use the coupon code WUALA30 to activate the discount.

Wuala Coupon

What can CloudMe do for you?
Like Wuala, CloudMe lets you backup your devices so your files can be accessed anywhere, sync your files across computers, and share your files with friends.

CloudMe also lets you do more:

  • You and your friends can share with each other or collaborate on projects even if they aren’t CloudMe users
  • Stream music and view videos without taking up space on your mobile device
  • Edit office documents in your browser using Zoho Office applications
  • Mount CloudMe as a network drive on your computer or connect to third party software and mobile apps using our support for WebDav (including Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote on iPad)
  • Use CloudMe to store files in the cloud that are not synced to any computer (especially convenient in combination with WebDAV) – offload things to CloudMe that you have no space for on your computer
  • Recover any of the unlimited versions of all your files kept for 60 days, at any time you can go back to an older version of a file if needed
  • Be secure in the privacy of your files. CloudMe operates our own data center and owns our own server hardware, which is located in Sweden and protected by European data protection laws.
  • For businesses CloudMe offers VAT exemption invoices throughout EU and outside. For all European companies with a valid VAT number you can also pay with invoice and do not have to use a credit card
  • Business accounts come with a cloud-file server of 1-5 TB that can be used as a joint storage area for all company related data in addition to personal accounts for employees of 100 GB that are included with the business account.
  • The joint cloud file server is a unique feature of CloudMe business accounts that helps companies maintain control of their data instead of having it spread out on multiple employee accounts.

So how do I move from Wuala?
First of all you need to download all your files from Wuala to your hard drive, then install CloudMe Sync on your computer (available for Mac, Windows and Linux). You can now choose to move all your previous Wuala files into the automatically created CloudMe folder, or put your files in whatever folder you like on your computer and add that folder as a sync folder to CloudMe. We will then in the background sync your files to CloudMe using encrypted communication. Any files synced with CloudMe will then be available using any web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung SmartTV, WD TV, GoogleTV, Microsoft Storage Server (NAS) or WebDAV. Yes, we have support for more devices than our competition. You can create your free starter account with 3 GB storage space here, but do remember to upgrade to a premium before the end of September to take advantage of the 30% discount.

Give it a spin and see what you think!
Whatever workflow you are used to through Wuala, you can continue and use CloudMe in the same way. Do you want to work with CloudMe as an online hard drive, manage your files through a web browser or mobile apps? No problem, CloudMe does not require you to sync anything to a computer. Do you have computers with little space, but want to have access to all your files and use CloudMe as if it was another hard drive on your computer without having to sync anything? No problem, we have you covered through WebDAV access. Maybe you just want one synced folder across all your devices to put your stuff in? No problem, CloudMe provides you with the CloudMe folder by default. In other words, CloudMe can be tailored to meet your specific needs or as used like a simple Dropbox. It is all up to you to choose the workflow that fits you best.


Daniel Arthursson
CEO and Founder of CloudMe