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Stream music everywhere with CloudMe’s expanded music service!

CloudMe is pleased to announce its updated streaming music service.

“Music storage has always been an integral part of our service’s offerings, but now we can even offer the possibility to build and save playlists directly from telephones as well as tablets and computers”, says Mathias Ericsson, CEO of CloudMe.

How do you currently listen to music?  Do you listen to music stored on your computer, iPod or the like? Or do you have a membership to a streaming music service like Spotify or Wimp?  Either way, you are locked into a device or a membership.  You must choose between listening to music you own or music you rent. Many have chosen memberships over their own extensively built-up music collection.  Unfortunately, once you cancel your membership with a streaming music service like Spotify, you have nothing left to show for the monthly fees you were charged. You don’t own any of the music you paid to listened to.

CloudMe’s newly updated music service offers the ability to stream your own music everywhere.  With CloudMe, music playlists can easily be built, saved and listened to from your phone, tablet or computer. Enjoy listening to playlists built from your entire music collection, both the music that you made as well as that which was paid. CloudMe supports several audio formats which may vary based on browser and device.

CloudMe supported audio formats – mp3, m4a, ogg, wav and m3u playlists

Be spontaneous. Be the life of the party. Make your playlists on the spot with the CloudMe iPhone/Android app or bring them with you. Either way, you’ll rock the holidays!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!
The CloudMe Team

Stop using costly MMS to share photos!

Why pay dearly to share photos via MMS? Save money on your monthly cellphone bill by sharing them via SMS/Text Messaging from CloudMe instead. The immediacy of MMS yet with the cost-savings of SMS since a direct link to the photo is included in each text message.

Enjoy sharing photos with all your friends since the cost-savings are not limited to only messaging between iPhones. Download our free CloudMe iPhone app and start saving money today!

Here’s how to share a photo via SMS/Text Message:

1. Login to the CloudMe iPhone app and select a photo
2. Tap the Share button in the upper right corner
3. Choose Options or use default
4. Tap Share via Text Message
5. Enter an email address

Have you tried it yet? If so, I’d love to receive your feedback in the comment section below!