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CloudMe’s Stance on Security Issues

The Fraunhofer Institut made a report about the safety and security of some of the most well known Cloud solutions, such as Dropbox and CloudMe. They are criticizing the level of security these Cloud solutions provide based on a number of criteria, primarily regarding their easy access abilities and user-friendly interface.

We always appreciate our service being evaluated by third parties and we find this report both interesting and valuable for our future development. However, in all services there is a fine balance between usability and security and we are constantly assessing this balance.

In the connected world of today, information is never as secure as many people and companies would like it to be. Awareness of the risks once you are on the internet is something that should never be forgotten. But the lock-in solutions needed to achieve a 100% level of security is not something that we think would benefit those who use our service.

We strongly believe that the benefits of being able to store, access and share photos, music and files with friends and family, in an easy and user-friendly way, is what matters the most to our users.